Monday, September 26, 2011

Profile: Timothy Ferriss

I read this ridiculous article in the New Yorker a few weeks ago profiling Silion Valley self-help guru Tim Ferriss (4-hour Work Week, Escape 9-5, etc.) This guy seems like a tool but has found his niche and is making good money doing it.

Check out HERE.
More on Ferriss HERE.

Profile: Karl Lagerfeld

From troubled childhood to "boy prince of fashion." NYMag profiles Karl Lagerfeld - an article I found online that they first published in 2006.

Check it out HERE.

The World's Most Ingenious Thief?

Once again Wired (April 2010) has a great heist story, this time detailing an account of Gerald Blanchard's theft of the Koechert Diamond Pearl (aka Sisi Star) from a castle in Vienna.

Check it out HERE.

Sony Banks on 3D

Wired's April 2010 issue had an interesting article on the CEO of Sony, Howard Stringer, and his quest to reclaim greatness for the storied company. He's banking on 3D technology. Good luck because I don't think that's a smart move.

Check it out HERE.

Brazilian Party - Boulud and Muniz

Who knew Daniel Boulud had a passion for Brazilian food? Check out a great article from Food & Wine's April 2010 issue featuring Boulud's collaboration with São Paolo-raised artist Vik Muniz. "Muniz uses unconventional materials to create temporary artworks, which he then photographs for posterity. His favorite medium? Food."

Check it out HERE.