Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rise and Fall of Design Within Reach

Check out this interesting Fast Company article on the modern furniture design store: Design Within Reach. At one point in their history, they were esteemed for cutting edge design made accessible for the masses. After accusations of copyright infringement, poor management and other troubles, is the business still viable?

Read the article HERE.
A companion feature on their "borrowing habits" can be found HERE.

Fried Italian Food - Anything Better?

Check out this mini feature from La Cucina Italiana magazine on the tradition of eating decadent fried food during Carnevale in advance of Lent. Let the salivating begin! (Recipes included)


La Cucina Italiana magazine has some great articles, photos and features on interestnig subjects related to Italian cooking and culture. Check out this article on Grappa HERE.

Who's Up for Vancouver?

I've always wanted to visit Vancouver (along with Seattle) and last year for the 2010 Olympics, lots of magazines had special features and travel stories talking up the locale and highlighting great things to do, see, eat, and explore.

Check out this Food & Wine Vancouver "Dine-a-Thon" feature HERE.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: Man of Valor?

Great SI article on the NFL commissioner and his rise to the top of one of the most successful sports organizations in the world. Check it out HERE.

Santiago Calatrava: Master Starchitect

Check out the Fast Company magazine article HERE.

Bjarke Ingels Reimagines NYC Living

Check out the NYMag article HERE.