Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Profile: Sean Parker

Played by Justin Timberlake in "The Social Network" and considered all-around nerd/player/innovator, Sean Parker was profiled in Forbes magazine in their 400 Richest issue. The one time co-founder of Napster and "agent of disruption" during the rise of Facebook, Parker proves an enigmatic and enlightening subject.

Check it out HERE.

Profile: Jean Paul Gaultier

The New Yorker fashion and style issue. Jean Paul Gaultier. In the news recently for dissing Anna Wintour.

Check out the profile HERE.

Amazing Bullet Proof Clothing

The New Yorker published this really cool article on a Colombian company that manufactures bullet-proof garments and specializes in advancing the technology in ways that make them more comfortable and look more like real clothing.

Check it out HERE. (Password required.)

Crazy YouTube video of the owner (Miguel Caballero) testing it out.

Who Does Daphne Guinness Think She Is?

Apparently someone very special. Heiress to the Guinness fortune (beer) she has played muse to many a fashion designer over the years - most recently the late Alexander McQueen - and is a style icon herself (she dresses like Lady Gaga). Jacob Bernstein profiled Guinness recently in Newsweek in time for a show of her own at FIT. In addition, the New Yorker, in their recent style & fashion issue also profiled Guinness and online offered a peek into her life in a BTS video.

Check out the Newsweek article HERE.
See the New Yorker article HERE. (Password required.)
More on Guinness HERE.

The Bombastic Franca Sozzani - EIC Italian Vogue

Check out this short article on Italian Vogue editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani from Newsweek a few weeks ago. Written by Jacob Bernstein (new FB friend) who I just discovered is the son of Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein (of Woodward &). Almost as influential as Anna Wintour of American Vogue, Sozzani embodies the brand but makes it her own.

Link to the article HERE.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Profile: Man United's Sir Alex Furguson and Squad

Fergie Time!

T the NYTimes fashion and style magazine had a cool feature on Manchester United head coach Sir Alex Furguson. It also featured shots of some members of the team in 2011 fall clothing.

Check it out HERE.