Friday, July 27, 2012

Rem Koolhaas - Starchitect

Newsweek did a piece recently on Dutch-born architect Rem Koolhaas. His most recent project was the Beijing CCTV tower from which China will broadcast the Olympic Games.

Check it out HERE.

Profile: Bog Iger of Disney

Also part of the Fortune 500 issue was a short profile on Bob Iger's day-to-day as CEO of Disney. Actually saw him in person at the ESPN upfront in NYC last year. Tall man. Apparently he knows what he's doing.

Check it out HERE.

Profile: Muhtar Kent of Coca-Cola

As part of Fortune's recent top 500 issue, they did a few small articles on some top brands. Love this stuff. First up is Muhtar Kent, CEO of Coca-Cola.

Check it out HERE.

Shipping Cars Overseas

I rarely read the NYTimes Auto section for more than 3 seconds on a Saturday morning. It's mostly car reviews and lots of ads. Every now and then I come across something interesting.

Case in point a few weeks ago with this article about how they transport cars overseas from where they're built to where they need to be sold. As a fan of behind the scenes (anything) and especially logistics and transport, this was pretty freakin cool.

Check it out HERE.

Profile: Samwer Brother - Cloning the Web

BusinessWeek had an interesting article on the German-born Samwer brothers who are essentially mimicking well-known websites (including design, functionality, etc.) and recreating them at home and abroad.

Check it out HERE.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sampling Chocolate in Brussels, Belgium

Can anything possibly sound better than that? Don't think so. Great NYTimes article with fantastic photos.

Check it out HERE.

Starbucks Marketing Guru - Michelle Gass

Forbes profiles Starbucks marketing maven Michelle Gass. Pretty interesting to see how she lasers in on opportunities for growth.

Check it out HERE.

A video clip below:

Profile: Peter Thiel

The New Yorker profiles Peter Thiel, tech enterpreneur and VC investor.

Check it out HERE.

The Bloomberg Media Empire

Newsweek/DailyBeast did a piece on Bloomberg LP's growing presence, particularly in media. I'm a huge fan of the new Business Week as you know.

Check it out HERE.

Branding in China

Great article in the NYTimes about how brands are adapting in China. Most notably there are many issues linguistically which to me, is fascinating.

Check it out HERE. Interactive companion feature HERE.

Profile: Susan Lyne of Gilt Groupe

Been a long while. Sorry. Next few posts will be short and sweet as I get back into the swing of things.

To start, here's a Fortune magazine profile of Susan Lyne of Gilt Groupe.

Check it out HERE.