Wednesday, July 27, 2011

High Speed Rail Travel in the U.S.

I really want bullet trains in America. Why is it so damn hard to make this happen! Check out Wired's 'brief history' of high-speed rail HERE.


  1. Bullet trains will only succeed when local commuter rail succeeds. Why would you want to travel to another city when you need a car once you get there?

    This is why LA's lack of public transportation may hurt SoCal's economy in the long run...

  2. you can make the same argument for air travel. the beauty of high speed rail is the ease of use, convenience of arriving in downtown (usually) and the minimal environmental impact. agreed that local commuter transport needs to improve, but i don't think that would detract from the benefits of high speed inter-city rail. most cities have decent public transportation options, LA excluded.

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