Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Moroccan Escape


You know those magazines you find in the seatback pocket in front of your tray table on an airplane? Well they're pretty good for letting you know what movies will be shown, how to navigate random airports in Europe (Amsterdam Schipol anyone?) and sometimes feature really interesting content - mostly related to travel.

In the March 2010 issue of Delta Sky Magazine, a few good articles caught my eye. The first is great list of top sites and activities in Morocco's main cities and beyond.

(Unfortunately the website no longer features links to the full articles anymore - per a Delta spokesperson: "Effective with our July 2011 issue we have redesigned to offer more information on destinations and what to do when you get there. We’ll continue to promote top getaways, contests & offers and Sky extras including behind-the-scenes videos and other content such as our Profile features and Special Sections but no longer have current or past issues of the magazine online." However! They were kind enough to offer sending PDF versions of the files so I can post them here. I've pasted the images which should enlarge so they're legible once you click on them.)

Check out an extra photo gallery HERE.

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