Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Turkish Delight

Food &Wine Magazine, in their March 2010 issue, had a great travel article on Istanbul featuring some good-looking Turkish recipes.  It mentioned Chef Mehmet Gürs and how he thinks it best to see Istanbul by water from a boat on the Bosphorus strait. I'd have to agree - definitely looks like the way to go.

Check it out HERE.

Coincidentally, today's NYTimes restaurant review was of Daniel Boulud's "Boulud Sud" a newish spot on the UWS close to Lincoln Center. The menu is decidedly Mediterranean with influences from Sardinia, Greece, Tunisia, Gibraltar, Beirut, and the region in general. One dessert in particular was mentioned (credited to pastry chef Ghaya Oliveira of Tunisia) - grapefruit givré- featuring Turkish delight, confections made of a gel from starch and sugar dating back to the Byzantine Empire.

Below is a video clip of Boulud and Oliveira preparing the dessert.

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