Thursday, August 18, 2011

WSJ. Magazine - Mad Men Costume Czarina

I officially decided that WSJ. Magazine is awesome. As mentioned in an earlier post WSJ. is an upscale luxury magazine published by the Wall Street Journal. Edited by Deborah Needleman (currently married to Jacob Weisberg of the Slate group, whom I just had the pleasure of meeting in person a few weeks ago), the magazine publishes quarterly and focuses on much of what I like to write about here: travel, food, design, etc.

In their June 2010 issue, a few articles caught my eye and I'll be mentioning them in subsequent posts. The first is a feature on Janie Bryant, the current costume designer on the critically-acclaimed AMC show "Mad Men" (also a personal favorite.) As anyone who watches the show (or wasn't born under a rock) knows, Matthew Weiner, the series creator, has been credited with recreating the 1960's down to every last detail - particularly with the set design and costuming.

Janie Bryant is the woman behind the man who makes it all happen. The story discusses her inspiration, personal history and how she rose to the position she now fills so well. Interestingly, it has Bryant talking about Weiner as well as Weiner's take on Bryant.

Check it out HERE.
More info on WSJ. Magazine HERE.

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