Monday, July 19, 2010

New Hotel Life in NYC

New York Magazine recently did a piece on the new wave of "boutique" or "lifestyle" hotels cropping up around the city. The headline for the article is "Checkout Time is 4AM" and profiles some of the great hoteliers developing unique spots around town geared to the young professional looking to hang out and party in style...all night long.

A few of these spots include The Standard, Gansevoort, Gramery Park, Ace, Bowery, etc. - the list goes on. They are spaces that take design and aesthetics into serious consideration and truly reflect (and in some cases create) the downtown vibe. They embody the "hotel-as-nightlife" experience and have been very successful in attracting true New Yorkers, not simply tourists visiting for a weekend.

Three men in particular are at the forefront of these developments: Andre Balazs of the Standard Hotel, Ian Schrager of the Gramercy Park Hotel and Michael Achenbaum of Hotel Gansevoort. Each property is truly distinct and takes advantage of its locale. They've created environments that foster "personal interaction," which in this day and age of digital friendship is really interesting and under-appreciated. These players are fastidious with their designs and leave no minute detail untouched. Andre Balazs in particular is so stylish he was recently featured in a Brioni ad campaign.

Check out the NYMag article HERE.

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