Monday, July 19, 2010

Rediscovering Classic Europe

I recently reread an article from GQ (August 2009) which featured a great travel piece on rediscovering classic Europe and doing it in a similar way many students did at some point in their lives - backpacking on a budget.

Though most people who revisit the area can afford slightly better accomodations than a standard hostel and might even be able to bring along a legit suitcase, the idea of doing things off-the-cuff, relatively inexpensively and truly making the cities your own is still very appealing.

GQ featured 20 rediscovery tips including:
  • rent an apartment, not a hotel room
  • bring a blazer; you get treated better with a jacket on
  • eat straight from the local market
  • visit "second cities" - they're less crowded and often just as interesting (if not more so)

Check out the feature HERE.

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