Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tyler Brule - International Arbiter of Style

I've decided that I really like the new BusinessWeek. They have been consistently featuring interesting content in varying fields of interested (all tied by a business theme) and always bring up topics that I want to explore further.

Case in point from a recent issue was a profile of Tyler Brule. Talk about a lifestyle I want to emulate! He's currently the editor-in-chief of Monocle magazine, a very high-end publication out of Europe on the very subjects I cover in this blog: design, travel, style, culture, etc. He also has a column in the Financial Times called "Fast Lane" in which he discusses trends and brands he encounters throughout his travels.

He's a renowned Canadian journalist who was bred in London and is most famous for launching Wallpaper* magazine in the UK. It was bought by Time Inc. at one point and is currently still being published. He is also responsible for launching a creative/media agency called Winkreative and was instrumental in the rebranding of Swiss International Airlines a few year ago.

Bottom Line: he's a global tastemaker and worth checking out.

See the original BusinessWeek article HERE.
Check out his FT column HERE.

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