Monday, July 26, 2010

WHY Yachts - Ultra Luxury

I had heard about this before (in one of the Niche Media magazines like Hamptons, Gotham, or LA Confidential I think...) but I recently saw another short blurb about this in the Four Seasons Magazine. It detailed a joint venture between luxury goods maker Hermès and Wally Yachts (artistic directors and CEOs pictured above).

Essentially a floating, super hotel/yacht this sleekly-designed minimalist vessel embodies everything you would imagine a collaboration between two of the most premium brands in the world would develop. Eco-friendly, expansive, and very elegant the WHY yachts (currently in production; only artist renderings are available) are works of art and engineering mastery.

Check out the WHY-Yachts website HERE.
A brief WSJ post about it HERE and a DesignBoom article HERE.

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