Monday, June 21, 2010

Branded Entertainment Done Right - Bud House

Unless you've been living under a rock, chances are you know that we're currently in the midst of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. 32 countries come together for the biggest soccer tournament in the world. Budweiser, official beer sponsor of the World Cup has crafted this really unbelievable "branded entertainment" concept that I actually want to watch! It's called "Bud House" and in a nutshell brings 32 people together (one from each country) and has them living together in a house in South Africa.

AdFreak posted a short synopsis of what the programs is about:

"As if there weren't enough drama building up in pubs around the world as the World Cup begins, Budweiser, the tournament's official beer sponsor, is moving 32 soccer fans into a "Bud House" in South Africa, where they will live for the duration of the games. One "fanatic" was chosen from each country that qualified, and visitors to the brand's YouTube page can follow the action as they watch each of the matches together. As each country is eliminated, so is the corresponding resident. The winning country's fan will present Bud's "Man of the Match" to the most valuable player, as determined by fan votes, at the July 11 final. Created by DDB Chicago and Tribal DDB Amsterdam, the effort is positioned as an online reality show. The first "episode" features the group's arrival. So far, on day one, they are still fresh-faced and friendly. They've still got 29 days inside the Bud House to get drunk and let the fists fly with national pride."

Check out the trailer below:

You can watch the full web series HERE.
Check out their Facebook page HERE.

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