Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Un-Common Scents

Ever walk into a store and wonder what that really good smell is? Ever wonder why it makes you kind of happy and as a result you find yourself spending more time browsing the shelves and maybe even spending more money? Well folks, like everything else that you encounter during that shopping experience, the pleasant scent has been carefully researched, developed and is being disseminated just for you.

I first encountered this in two places - in the stores of Coach and Thomas Pink. Both had this really great smell that put me in a good mood. Pink in particular was using this fresh linen scent that smelled so nice and clean - I seriously wanted one of everything in the store!

It was interesting to read this article in BusinessWeek about the perfume industry and how company's are now using "ambient scenting" to influence consumer behavior. Imagine a branded outdoor billboard for a nearby steakhouse with a grill smell wafting over the highway!

Check out the article HERE.
Googled "ambient scenting" and found an entire blog about it! - HERE.

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