Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Golden Age of Sandwiches

Sandwiches are great. Casual, self-contained little packages of deliciousness with infinite opportunity for creativity are not new but they have been evolving. From recent posts on Serious Eats and New York Magazine, it seems that we're living in a golden age of sandwiches. I couldn't agree more.

Serious Eats has a "sandwich-a-day" feature which lists a great sandwich in the city usually with a hunger-inducing accompanying picture. See it HERE.

NY Mag recently posted a guide to New York's 101 finest sandwiches. Check it out HERE. They also have a few accompanying articles on the sandwich evolution (I've been putting potato chips on my sandwiches for years already, btw) and some helpful tips on sandwich construction.

Good eats. Thank you John Montagu.


  1. I recommend Baked Salt-and-Vinegar chips on any deli sandwich.

  2. Good idea Eric! Not a fan of salt-and-vinegar chips on their own because the flavor's a little overwhelming for me, but I can definitely see it working on a sandwich!